Apex Area Boomers and Seniors get Tax Questions Answered by AABS, Inc.

Arvind Balaraman, FreeDigitalPhotosAs Triangle area seniors get ready for the end of the year, it might be time to take a quick look at personal income taxes and address any questions that come to mind. Now is the time to give AABS, Inc. a call with any income tax questions or concerns.

Several common questions usually come up with Apex area seniors regarding medical deductions, working while receiving Social Security benefits, and senior tax credits. These questions and concerns can be answered by the certified and professional tax preparers at AABS. We have built a trusted name with our seniors in the community and prepare accurate tax filings for them.

At AABS, we are the tax experts in Southwest Wake County for area baby boomers and seniors, and we work strictly on their behalf. As 2014 comes to a close, this is the time to find out North Carolina and IRS tax deductions and whether or not working until the end of the year is in your best financial interests.

Common income tax issues that AABS can help with are:

  • Retirement savings contribution credits: If there are contributions to an employee-sponsored retirement plan or an individual retirement plan, seniors may be eligible for a tax credit.
  • Need to file a tax return? Some seniors may not need to file a tax return. Come talk to us and we will determine together whether or not a tax filing is necessary.
  • Are social security benefits taxable: This question depends on your total income and your marital status.
  • Baby Boomers who are parenting: Baby Boomers who are parenting their grandchildren may have some tax considerations that qualify for a deduction. We can help evaluate the situation and determine if there are any eligible deductions.

Of course, there are other tax questions and concerns that might be relevant to the situation. The IRS offers tax tips to seniors by e-mail simply by subscribing on the site. Please give AABS a call to set up an appointment and have all your tax questions answered by our owner staff.


This is an information only post and is not considered to be legal financial advice but is meant to be helpful to all those who read it. It is brought to you by the professional team at AABS, INC., located in Apex, NC.

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