How AABS Can Help Apex Seniors Deal with Increased Food Prices

Suat Eman, FreeDigitalPhoto meatSeniors in the Apex area and the surrounding Triangle region may have noticed an increase in food prices recently. These higher priced items may have an effect on people baby Boomers and the elderly with a fixed income, and they may have to reassess their money management and budgeting.  At All About Benefitting Seniors, we want to keep you abreast of changes that may affect your lifestyle and we want to work with you to manage your financial portfolio.

The US Department of Agriculture recently announced their 2014 forecast in retail food prices and it’s not what the public wants to hear. The government expects an overall increase of 2.5% – 3.5% on all food items including coffee, meat, and milk, among other common food stuff. Seniors may have noticed a 7.4% increase in beef prices over last year’s costs which may affect pocketbooks and weekly budgets.  Another popular food item, fresh fruit, is up 5% over last year. With such high increases, local Triangle area seniors may be feeling the crunch.

Our dedicated team at All About Benefitting Seniors wants to help those in retirement or considering retirement to adjust to these increases and still enjoy their lifestyle.

Here’s a five areas that seniors can focus on:

  • review and organize personal and financial expenditures
  • determine current and long-term cash flow needs
  • identify where to cut back on expenditures
  • identify ways to save
  • handle day-to-day financial transactions

We want our seniors to live comfortably regardless of the rising food prices. Budgeting now for these upcoming changes in costs will keep food on the table while planned vacations or other events are also kept on the agenda.

As we head deeper into 2014, seniors may need a helping hand to revisit their overall finances including budgeting and money management. Our office is conveniently located in Historic Apex. We serve the Triangle area as well as Wake County. Just give us a call or stop by our office and a Certified Senior Advisor will be glad to help.


This is an information only post and is not considered to be legal financial advice but is meant to be helpful to all those who read it. It is brought to you by the professional team at AABS, INC., located in Apex, NC.

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