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Mister GC, freedigitalphotos.netNow that 2015 is here, Triangle seniors can think about what goals this year are the most important. Maybe a dream vacation to Europe or Australia is on your list, or maybe it’s a dream car. Whatever your vision is for this year, the folks at AABS, Inc., can help make that dream come true.

The professionals at AABS will listen to your thoughts and wishes and help with recommendations on how to pay for a major investment. For instance, by taking a look at your personal finances such as Social Security, pensions, IRAs, 401k plans, and reward programs, suggestions will be made to finance your wish for 2015.

Here’ are three personal goals that AABS, Inc. can help seniors and baby boomers with as they assess their wants:

  • A dream vacation can come true by taking a detailed look at your personal finances. Reward programs will be looked at in depth to see if points can be applied to hotel stays, airfares, cruises, and more. Savings accounts and checking accounts will also be assessed as well to help pay for travel expenses.
  • Your dream car may be waiting in at the auto shows and dealerships right now! To pay for that new vehicle, a budget may be created specifically for this special purchase. If so, AABS will detail a plan to acquire the new vehicle. Funds from a pension plan or IRA may need to be redeemed to achieve the goal of owning a new car. We will present a number of finance scenarios as well.
  • Many seniors like to travel by RV and if that’s your goal, AABS can help with monthly budgeting so that money doesn’t become an issue. Preparing a budget specifically for your RV travels will give you confidence when traveling. Adding to this account weekly or monthly will keep your budget on track and also add extra dollars to the coffers in case of an emergency.

Whatever your dreams are in 2015, a Certified Senior Advisor at AABS is there to help in any way possible. Call our Apex office today to begin the financial preparation for your 2015 dream!


This important information is strictly for reading and is not considered to be legal financial advice. It is only meant to be helpful to all those who read it. It is brought to you by the professional associates at AABS, INC., located in Apex, NC.

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