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10 Tips For Your New Job

10 Tips For Making The Best First Impression At Your New Job

Now that you know how crucial that initial period on the job is, let’s look at what HR professionals, career coaches, and executives have to say about conquering your first week at work.

How To Prepare For Your First Day At A Job

1. Research, Research, Research

2. Make Contact With Your Manager

3. Confirm Your Schedule

4. Do A Test Run Of Everything

5. Introduce Yourself To The Team Virtually

During Your First Week At A Job

6. Find A Buddy

7. Practice Extra Self-Care

8. Arrive Early

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

10. Meet With Your Manager One-On-One

Parting Words: Relax, They Already Like You!

Source: Trello

Full Article Here: https://blog.trello.com/starting-a-new-job-and-first-week-success

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